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Danny Bent, Happiness Guru, Little Red Shorts Limited

Presentation Title: Happiness of Being You

Listen to Danny’s unique and sometimes unconventional ways to fill your life full of positivity. Packed with emotion, this is a wellbeing talk without the fluff and gloss. It’s gritty and stirs something in you, you can’t ignore.

  • Positivity is a choice you make
  • Your smile is more powerful than you know
  • Together we can create the incredible
  • Step past your fears

Rosie Millen, Nutritionist

Presentation Title: Burnouts A B*tch

In today’s fast-paced, overworked world we are all walking time bombs for burnout.
Having no energy is simply not an option and let’s face it without energy you have nothing right?
Rosie Millen brings us this 45-minute talk: Burnout’s a B*tch – where she will share her remarkable journey of recovery.

  • Stress Statistics
  • How to stay energised Mon – Fri
  • How stress affects your energy
  • Foods to eat, foods to avoid
  • How not to burnout in 2020